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We are set to conduct a feasibility study to evaluate the economic viability of the project and provide a comprehensive projection of how end-users will perceive the facilities and services. The project delivery will be structured into three phases: site inspection and fieldwork, feasibility study, and market analysis & financial validation. Throughout this process, we will extensively survey the site to assess the optimal use of the land and its suitability for the proposed development. Additionally, we will determine the capacity of the proposed hotel or resort to achieve market penetration and generate income, considering a thorough analysis of the market area, travel and tourism developments, market segment growth trends, and the forecasted demand-supply scenario in the market.

YLH team provides consultation services across various project aspects:

Conceptualization, Budgeting, Market Analysis, Architectural Designs, Structural Plans, Civil Work, Landscaping, and Interior Design, Manpower & HR, BOH Areas, MEP Blueprints, Kitchen Designs, Fire Health & Safety Guidelines.

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The initial stage involves identifying feasible green field projects, which is crucial for establishing innovative and environmentally-friendly hospitality developments. Our team excels in identifying potential locations, analyzing the market, and recognizing opportunities for green field projects. We take into account various factors such as market demand, infrastructure availability, and environmental sustainability to pinpoint promising locations for future hotel developments.


Comprehensive project assessment is crucial for determining the viability and potential of green field projects. Our team carries out in-depth feasibility studies, encompassing financial analysis, market projections, and risk evaluations. This assessment guarantees that the project is in line with your business objectives, complies with environmental standards, and is poised for success.


In green field projects, the use of efficient and sustainable construction methods is essential. We work closely with skilled architects, engineers, and contractors to plan and carry out environmentally conscious hotel construction. This involves the use of energy-efficient materials, the adoption of sustainable building practices, and the integration of green technologies. Our goal is to develop eco-friendly properties that reduce environmental impact while offering an exceptional guest experience.


Following the completion of the construction phase, efficient operational management is essential for the sustained success of greenfield projects. We offer comprehensive support in operations, encompassing staffing, training, and the implementation of sustainable operational strategies. Our emphasis lies in maximizing resource utilization, introducing eco-friendly initiatives, and maintaining streamlined operations that are in line with your sustainability objectives.

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